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Bookkeeping and support services for people who have better things to do.

make your life easier

You have to wear many hats as a business owner.

Between marketing your product or service, managing your emails and schedule, and making your magic - invoices and BAS statements can become a real burden, and the last hat left on the shelf.


You'll know that you've left it on the shelf if you...

Have a pile of receipts that resembles this fellow.

Consider your coffee-stained notebook or archaic spreadsheet an acceptable place to track payments.

Suffer involuntary shudders when you hear the letters  ‘GST’ or ‘BAS’
The good news is that you can give that hat to someone else to wear, before it gathers dust (and leaves your business exposed to financial difficulty). It just so happens to be my favourite. Here are some things I can do in it:
  • Reconcile your accounts and handle all business reporting (that’s right, even BAS)
  • Free up your time and energy to make more of your favourite things
  • Help your business take off by finding budget solutions and grant frameworks 
  • and provide the right help for you to build the business of your dreams 
take that hat off your hands


Ready to make more time for what you love?
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Keep track of finances, organise your financial data, get trained in Xero or MYOB, and get your BAS done right with Grace Foley Bookeeping. Located in Hobart Tasmania, Grace can rescue your books and help you make more time for the things you want to do.

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